The story begins...

Dr. Dan MacNamara was feeling even more uneasy than usual as he walked across the parking lot with Sherri Barker, his blond mistress.

For the first time in years, he'd left his doctor's bag back at the office.  He knew his wife Sally would be suspicious when she saw it wasn't on the hallway table by the front door, as usual, when he came home that night.

That was about to be the least of the good doctor's troubles, though.

Sherri unlocked the door of her blue Mustang, slid in behind the wheel and tilted her head up to receive Dan's kiss on her lips.   "I love you, Dan," she whispered.  He stepped back a few steps so that Sherri could back out and she waved to him with her left hand as she turned the ignition key with her right. 

The explosion blew him into the air and flung him backwards across the parking lot nearly to the bumper of his own Jaguar.  He lay unconscious under the light of the flames.

So begins this captivating murder mystery and the legal, medical and personal dramas that unfold when breast implant manufacturer P.S.S is threatened with exposure after it's discovered that their silicone gel products have developed cancer in patients.  Sherri Barker had just shown the secret internal studies to MacNamara which showed that every animal tested by P.S.S. had died of liver cancer.

P.S.S. and its cohort, Conway Chemical, then set out to kill Dr. MacNamara and Janet Stephenson, the two expert biomaterial witnesses for the upcoming grand jury.

The criminal investigation and complex intrigue of Murder by Another Name continue right up to the trial -- as do the personal struggles of Dr. MacNamara and his wife -- while the ethical and technical landscape of silicone breast implants is scrupulously explored by the author in her exciting debut novel.

A native of Colorado, Jo Stone is an attorney who has tried many silicone gel breast implant cases and has been involved in all the excitement around the complicated preparation for those cases.  Jo is a wife, a mother of four and a college professor who has taught English Literature, Humanities and Business and Law courses throughout her legal career.  She earned a B.A. and M.A. in English Literature and her Juris Doctorate at the University of Colorado at Boulder.